Study English in Italy
Why choose between vacation and studies? Do both!
We invite you to a marvellous villa near San Casciano dei Bagni (Tuscany) to participate in an English winter camp!

7 days of speaking English, discussing books and films, debating, participating in group projects and travelling around Tuscany
January 02 - 08
Seven days to master your English. Seven days to enjoy Italian nature, cuisine and la dolce vita.
50.5 academic hours of lessons
And 24/7 informal communication with other participants and organisers
€ 812 or € 593
2 plans: for those who stay at the villa and for those who decide to stay elsewhere
Camp dates: January 2–8, 2017
January 2: arrival, orientation, dinner
January 3-7: 3 days of intensive studies, 2 days of trips and studies
January 8: awarding ceremony, departure
Why choose this tour?
Three good reasons to go
A change of scene, a great place for New Year resolutions and a wonderful opportunity to widen your personal horizons!
One: New friends
You will meet people from different countries speaking different foreign languages. It's a great opportunity to get acquinted with other backgrounds, traditions, manners and lifestyles.

Stay surprised! Stay curious!
Two: Better English
Do you keep translating every single phrase in your head back and forth from English to your native language? Let's put an end to it!

If nobody in the room speaks your native language, the use of English is inevitable. If you can't help relying on your native language in communication, then our camp is a right place for you. Wanna share your ideas? Express them in a way everybody will understand (including gestures :))!
Three: Better study skills
After hours and days of our thoroughly designed and organised activities you will:
- improve your memory
- develop your soft skills in group projects
- develop analytical skills in discussions and debates
- learn and practice new strategies of life-long learning, e-learning, blended learning
- learn new ways to practice English in your community
A nice bonus: Italy all around you!
Stay in an authentic Tuscan villa, try local cuisine, experience la dolce vita. Perfetto!
Give 2017 a fresh start
Tour details
Stay at the villa or get an accommodation yourself
At the villa: single room + bathroom, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks

Elsewhere: lunch, dinner, coffee breaks
Age group: 18+
Minimum level: Pre-Intermediate
Our activities and learning process are aimed at and designed for adults
2 trips
On January 4 and 6 we take a trip to small towns and villages in the nearby
Pricing plan #1: € 812
We can accomodate only 4 guests, so be quick to book a place!
50,5 achs
English lessons made easy and fun
Full board
Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks
6 nights
You'll stay in a spacious single room with a bathroom
A rented car
We'll pick you up at Chiusi train station on January 2nd, drive you around everywhere and take you back to Chiusi train station on January, 8th
Not included: tickets from your city/country to Chiusi train station, visa expenses, traveller's insurance
Book your participation in ASCOLTA WINTER CAMP
with accommodation at our villa for € 812!
Pricing plan #2: € 593
50,5 achs
English lessons made easy and fun
2 meals + snack
Includes lunch, dinner and coffee breaks
Your choice of accommodation
You can choose any hotel or villa (max 15 km away)
A rented car
We'll pick you up at Chiusi train station on January 2nd, take you to your hotel (max 15km from the villa), take you to the villa every morning, drive you around everywhere on group trips, drop you off at your hotel every evening and finally take you back to Chiusi train station on January, 8th
Not included: tickets from your city/country to Chiusi train station, visa expenses, traveller's insurance, accommodation at the villa, breakfasts.
Book your participation in ASCOLTA WINTER CAMP
for € 593 and start choosing a perfect hotel for you!
hurry up
The prices are valid until November, 30th
Pricing Plan #1 after December 1st: € 920
Pricing Plan #2 after December 1st: € 690
Meet your facilitator: Lubov
Certificates and diplomas: TEFL diploma (MSLU, Moscow), Cambridge Proficiency (C2), Cambridge TKT
Hi, I'm an English teacher and a founder of ASCOLTA SCHOOL in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

I've been teaching English for 9 years and I know no better way to learn English than by speaking to foreigners. That's why we decided to have a place in Europe where people from different backgrounds would meet and get by without their native languages.

We'll make you speak, we'll help you make friends and we'll share some nice memories of staying at this camp together!
Meet your teacher: Inna
Certificates and diplomas: Linguistics (UrFU, Yekaterinburg), Goethe Zertifikat C1
Hi, I'm an English and German teacher and I currently live in Germany where I work with kids in a school.

All my life I've enjoyed travelling and learning foreign languages and I'd like to share my passion with you.

Knowledge is contagious, beware!
Program of your winter adventure
Book your tour now!
We won't be able to host more than 11 participants in total. Be the lucky one!
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