Самостоятельное обучение
Реальность или миф? Как выучить английский без преподавателя?
Время на чтение: 5 минут
Участие в дискуссии: каждый день в течение недели
Тренируемые навыки: письменная речь, орфография, чтение
All by yourself
So, this day has finally come. You've decided to continue learning English. And you've decided to walk down this road alone. What's next?
You may have studied English before in some school or with a private tutor. It may have been successful. Or you're so dissappointed in all types of methods and kinds of schools that you believe nobody can teach you speak English fluently.

No matter what your reasons are, but you don't want a teacher anymore. Neither for face to face lessons nor in a group. Do you have a plan for this challenge?

let's discuss
How can an English learner benefit from studying English alone?
1) What personal qualities make independent learning possible and successful? Which qualities will ruin all your efforts?

2) How do you plan your studies? How do you keep pace?

3) Where do you find resources for independent learning?

4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-paced (and lonely) learning English by yourself?

5) What are the difficulties and problems that you face when learning alone?

6) What gives you motivation to go on?

Taking part in discussions in English is a great way to practice your writing skills.

Let's talk.
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